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Innovative Leak Testing Technology For IV Bags

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We strongly believe that technological advancement and workplace health are the keys to achieve this goals.

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We want to provide to our customers the best Container Closure Integrity Testing technology on the market for Intra Venous Bags.


We know that technological advancement is an hard path, but we think that is the only one capable to gurantee long time success.


We are located into the “packaging valley” area.
We benefit from a multi-decades experienced network.

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Our Products

we see our CCIT technology as a future standard for the IV bags market

Polar Machine

Out-of-line machines for small/medium volumes testing.


VEGA machine

Fully automated machines for 100% of production testing.


Customized applications

Please contact us for more informations.

Better analysis

Our technology combines short analysis time and the highest leakage sensitivity avalilable on the market.

Low carbon footprint and operational costs

Our technology doesn't require vacuum to be operated

Autoclave compatible

Our technology is not influenced by condensation on Bag's surfaces


Our technology provides the highest reliability on the market. It detects both gas and liquid leakages on the entire Bag.

What differenciates Us from competitor's technologies

we use a new Patented technology

Our technology executes a non-destructive, non-invasive analysis on IV Bags.

Our technology can be easily adapted to meet different production rates and detection limits.

Our technology has already been validated by major pharmaceutical companies.
It is compliant with the new GMP Annex 1, EMA Annex 11 and USP 1207 regulations.


We are part of the packaging valley

We benefit from the engineering and production capabilities for automatic machines of the Bologna interland area. 

Our operative site is located in via Giuseppe di Vittorio 19, Crespellano, Bologna, Italy.

We made a partnership with SIPLA-PROSGM Group to share spaces and productive capabilities. This allows us to internally design, produce and assemble our machines. 

Below the main figures of the partnership:

manufacturing surface
0 sq.m

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VAT Number: IT040444071201

Production site: Via Giuseppe di Vittorio 19, 40056 Crespellano, Bologna, Italy
Registered Office: Via Libia 20/5, 40138, Bologna, Italy

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